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Wanting morning head

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As featured on Fox Connecticut News.

As featured in Metro - Boston. You simply add water to the interior of the cap, place it on your head, and rub it.

In about 5 seconds your hair is wet as if you just got out of Wanting morning head shower. You are then free to style your hair as you normally.

As long as you wring it out completely, each cap can be reused up to 30 times. We've all had to wet our hair Wanting morning head the sink one time or. As a young professional, hectic mornings like these happened more than I would care to admit.

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While Morning Head was originally developed Wanting morning head emergency mornings, it's also perfect for people who shower at night. There's no need to shower again in the morning just because of bed head.

We have some initial inventory, but we need more funds to add to this inventory and to film online commercial Wanting morning head. We will be ready to ship as soon as we hit our goal.

We have made the path to getting Mornng Head as easy as Wanting morning head for you. Give it a shot, support the idea, and never be caught flat footed with bed head.

Morning Sex: Benefits, Positions, Tips, and More

Jan 24, - Feb 23, 30 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email.

Add water, put it on your head and seconds later your hair is completely wet. No mess. Bed head's gone.

Morning Head - Be Ready in Seconds. by Max Valverde — Kickstarter

Extremely useful if you are only showering to tame your bed head. The life of your Morninghead cap will depend on usage and care.

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Many people can use their cap for well over 6 months. Some are still using the same cap from our Kickstarter launch in February of Think of it as Wanting morning head replaceable toiletry item like a toothbrush.

Urban Dictionary: Morning head

It eventually wears out over time depending on how often you use it. Just make sure to turn it inside out and wring it out completely after Wanting morning head use.

It's different because of its absorbency and the durable waterproof exterior. The Morninghead cap holds over 6x its weight in water without dripping. Once the cap has been wet and is on your head, the water Wanting morning head transferred from the cap into your hair when you apply pressure to the cap.

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In addition, your hands and wrists remain dry Wanting morning head you can use Morninghead anywhere even while fully clothed ex. If a spray bottle is already solving this problem for you then rock and roll - keep using it.

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In our testing, we found that a spray bottle gets water only on the surface of morninng hair and a large amount of the water simply drips off, onto the neck, Wanting morning head, and face as opposed to being absorbed into the hair. For most people the spray bottle Wanting morning head more of a hassle than helpful.

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Our least favorite Wanting morning head about the hair dresser is the spray bottle mist on our face and neck. I developed Morninghead Wanting morning head wetting my Wantibg in the sink every morning was the worst part of my day. Morninghead is not the only way to wet your hair, but it is by far the easiest, fastest, most effective method.

You don't have to use a microwave to heat up food - but you do, because it's fast and convenient.

Make sure you turn it inside out and wring it out completely after each use. Yes, hand wash with anti-bacterial soap, or machine wash on delicates.

Most importantly, turn it inside out and wring it out after washing. Frequency of washing will depend on how often you use it.

You'll get a feel for when it needs to be washed after you've used it for a. Yes, a large percentage of our users are women with shorter hair.

Wanting morning head I Search Couples

heaad You will have the most success if your hair is "a bob or shorter. A Morninghead cap is most Wanting morning head when hair length is less than shoulder length. Any longer and Morninghead may not work for you.

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