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Everyday Health Neurology Multiple Sclerosis. MS can interfere with sex in a number of ways, but there are also ways to keep your sex life alive and satisfying.

Please enter a valid email address. This severe, electric-shock-like facial pain affects about 2 to 5 percent of people with MS.

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Multiple Sclerosis Multiple Sclerosis Resources. Get the answers to these Busty vanersborg babes other questions about drugs for multiple sclerosis Investing in pharmaceutical companies can be a double-edged sword for people with multiple sclerosis. Rowling has made another notable move to help find a cure for multiple sclerosis. Yet both individuals and healthcare professionals Ms women need sex often slow to bring up the subject.


The emotional factors relating to changes in sexual function are quite complex. Counseling — for you and your partner — by a mental health professional or trained Ms women need sex therapist can address both physiologic and psychological issues.

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Both men and women with MS may experience difficulty achieving orgasm or loss of libido. You and your partner can benefit from instruction in alternative means of sexual stimulation to overcome slow arousal and impaired sensation.

Abnormal sensations and spasms can often be controlled through use of medication. Techniques such as intermittent catheterization or medication can control urinary leakage during intercourse.

Men may additionally have difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection by far the most common problemreduced sensation in the penis and difficulty achieving ejaculation. Erectile dysfunction may be addressed through:. MS does not affect eex basic fertility of either men or women, although sexual problems may interfere Ms women need sex the ability of a man with MS to father a baby.

These problems have been successfully treated with medication or through techniques to harvest sperm for insemination. Multiple sclerosis MS can affect your physical and mental health, which can in turn influence your sex drive and sexual relationships.

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In Ms women need sex study of people with MS, more than 80 percent wo,en sexually active survey respondents said they experienced problems with sex. If left unmanaged, sexual difficulties can negatively affect your quality of life.

MS is an autoimmune disease that damages the protective coating around your nerves as well as the nerves themselves. It can potentially affect the nerve pathways between your brain and sexual organs.

Sex Issues of Women With Multiple Sclerosis

That can make Ms women need sex difficult for you to become sexually aroused or orgasm. Other symptoms of MS can also affect your sex life. For example, muscle weakness, spasms, or pain can make it harder to have sex.

Fatigue or mood changes can affect your sex drive and personal relationships. Some people may feel less sexually attractive or confident after developing MS. Zex you think MS might be affecting your sex Ms women need sex, sexual sensation, or sexual relationships, speak with your doctor or another member of your healthcare team for help.

Depending on the exact cause Ms women need sex your sexual challenges, medication or other treatment options might help. For example, your doctor might prescribe medications to help relieve muscle spasms. If you have trouble with bladder control, they might recommend medications or intermittent catheterization to wonen the risk of urinary leakage during sex.

If you or your partner find it difficult to maintain an erection, your doctor may recommend treatments for erectile dysfunction. For example, your doctor might prescribe:. If you or your partner experience vaginal dryness, you can purchase personal lubricant over Ms women need sex counter at a drugstore or sex shop.

MS and Sex: Symptoms and Tips to Manage Them

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society recommends water-soluble lubricants rather than oil-based options. Using a new sexual technique or sex toy might help you and Ms women need sex partner enjoy sex more and address the symptoms of MS that may interfere with sexual pleasure.

For example, MS causes nerve damage.