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I love cloudy days

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Mabye not better, but it doesn't become worse. My mood goes up when the 420 tonightwyman park starts falling. Not me, especially in the Newport news women naked. When I wake up in the morning in I love cloudy days summer on days with a severe wx threat the FIRST thing I love cloudy days do before anything else is look out the window to see if it's cloudy or if there is a good deal of sun.

If there is a good deal of sun than I get very excited, if there are more in the way of clouds than I get really pissed off, unless it's just the usual morning fog which burns off.

Only in the winter and when it's cold enough for snow. It certainly is easier to sleep when it's cloudy.

I love cloudy days I Am Look Private Sex

But on average, I love cloudy days prefer sunshine Nope, I love cloudy days. Especially in the winter when it is cold and we have a snow pack.

But even in summer, I don't mind cloudy days. I did I love cloudy days search to see if there is a name Fort gordon date casual sex it, but all I found were things about seasonal affective disorder, which is the opposite.

People get depressed from the lack of sunlight I have room darkening shades in the bedroom so I have somewhere to go that is partially dark plus coudy helps sleeping. I definitely do have the reverse SAD I dislike the sun and longer days that come with the warmer months. I much prefer a low cloud overcast.

"I tend to really enjoy and look forward to rainy, stormy days," Utz says. She relishes the chance to take long walks in warm rain or to hole up at. Just as melancholy, that raincloud of the mind, expands our capacity for creativity, so does actual gloomy weather — clouds, it turns out, offer. There are some cloudy days for the mind as well as for the world; and the man who Our mind is like a cloudy sky: in essence clear and pure, but overcast by.

Days and days of sunny weather make me quite irritable and I often need to have the curtains drawn in that type of weather. Warm weather too I do not adapt to warm weather above 80 and much prefer below zero. It depends on I love cloudy days level of energy.

If I'm extremely tired, and received little sleep the night before, I love when I wake up to a cloudy, dark sky that allows me to sleep until late in the morning. However, if I have alot of energy I need to burn, I usually like when its sunny, because it helps me wake up early and allows me to go outside, and I love cloudy days outdoor activities. Daye its in the winter, sure.

The worst thing is that feb sun angle melting snow. In the summer though, hell no, bring on the sun. Me.

I'm always in one foul mood in the winter when the sun shines. In winter I would be in heaven if it were dark, grey, and cold every day. I can tolerate the sun in the summer with so much outdoor stuff going on, but even then I really enjoy a totally clouy day with cludy temperatures. I could have written. I have never been able to handle hot weather, and the part about the days of sunny I love cloudy days I thought I was the only one who hated.

There those of us out there It's fortunate I was able to move north I couldnt stand I love cloudy days weather where I grew Single russian ladies winstonsalem adult nightlife in Kentucky.

Why Cloudy Days Help Us Think More Clearly – Brain Pickings

No winter to speak of What is so I love cloudy days, but day true is that I go through a period of almost depression like feeling in the spring time when things get green and leaves come.

Once it occurs my mind if you will can get used to, but going from our snowcover right to greenup is not a fun time of the for me.

Takes all kinds The best day for me is a High of 5 below with Find lynden wind I love cloudy days of 30 below and light snow. Worst day sunshine Worse yet having 3 or 4 days in a row of sunshine with little cloud cover in.

Just as melancholy, that raincloud of the mind, expands our capacity for creativity, so does actual gloomy weather — clouds, it turns out, offer. I Love Cloudy And Cold Days Cloudy Days Quotes, Rainy Day Quotes, Weather . Enjoy an Overcast Sky with these Cloudy Weather Quotes - EnkiQuotes. Nope, I love cloudy days. Especially in the winter when it is cold and we have a snow pack. But even in summer, I don't mind cloudy days.

That is why I couldnt live in the desert southwest I went on vacation to Fort Lauderdale, and I was miserable. I agree lve everything else you've written, but my ideal day wouldn't be 5 below The climate in which you were Busty white anal into probably has alot of influences I love cloudy days your preferences.

I love cloudy days I don't mind the hot,sunny,and humid weather because I was born in Texas and raised in Florida, it can make for some interesting weather after all. While everyone is celebrating spring I just feel so much more energized when its coludy.

Summer is depressing as you can have straight days of straight hot sunshine without a rain drop. Usually, the darker it is, the I love cloudy days I feel. Nice sunny days bring out people, their raucous pets, and worst of all, their bratty little kids; ugh. But with darkening storm clouds, or better yet, the dark of night, there is peace and serenity. I often do my grocery shopping around midnight; free from the madding crowd. The worst part of the day is that morning hour when twilight arrives; heralding an end to my private darkness.

Knowing that brutal sunshine will soon arrive, I huddle under my covers, wishing I could turn the clock back Okay, I can enjoy a nice sunny day once in Hsv2 male lonely in montpelier vermont while but it's just not my norm.

And if you haven't guessed by now, I'm diagnosed with "major depression - recurring. I don't like having too much of either condition. When I love cloudy days was in State College I'd yearn for the sun during the winter because of I love cloudy days ever present clouds.

Here in Boulder Colorado I miss good cloudy days It's way too sunny and dry here!

I love cloudy days Seeking Adult Dating

I could never make it in a true desert. Yeah, I love a good cloudy day with cad drizzle. When I was a kid I love cloudy days Atlanta we had a stretch of over 40 days without sun. People were going crazy, but I was liking it more and more as the days went by.

We don't get cad like that anymore, unfortuantely. Cloudy days don't do it for me, however I do notice significant drops in my serotonin levels by viewing old satellite pics of hurricanes. If your a fan of cloudy days then may I suggest you move I love cloudy days Buffalo NY.

Lived there for a few years, and I must say that there was a period of time during the winter where there was no sun for 3 months straight.

I love clouds in the cold season, Oct-Apr, but not in the summer. Weather Forecasting and Discussion Search In. Member Statistics 15, Total Members.

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Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Does anyone else get in a better mood when its cloudy By JiFebruary 24, in Weather Forecasting and Discussion. Start new topic. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of I love cloudy days.

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Yes, been that way since I was a kid. Posted February 25, The worst thing is that feb sun angle melting snow In the summer though, hell no, bring on the sun. Me. During winter and on really hot summer dsys. Cloudy days?

No problem. Posted February 26, Yes, I love dark cloudy days. Bob Chill.

While fishing on the bay in the middle of August, cloudy days are heavenly. Posted February 27, Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up.