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Rooney employs this artery-nicking style while writing about love and lust among damaged and isolated and yearning young people.

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The effect can be entrancing. Both are about intense but furtive love affairs that are thwarted by misunderstanding after misunderstanding.

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Her novels share themes and obsessions. See the full list. Rooney writes about Garner lonly woman imbalances among friends and lovers. Her characters, innocents in search of experience, in the thrall of first love, are sometimes budding writers.

Her writing about sex is ardent and lurching. She writes about smart young women who are attracted to sexual masochism.

There is, in the pointed dialogue, a reminder Garner lonly woman why we call it a punch line. She is offbeat and withdrawn and friendless.

There is also a coldness in her, a sense of detachment.

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Marianne is formidable. Garner lonly woman betrays her at a crucial moment, a moment that marks the original sin of their long friendship. This novel tracks Marianne and Connell across four years.

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They are both gifted students and wind up at Trinity College in Dublin. They are never quite boyfriend and girlfriend in the conventional sense.

At college, lonpy situations reverse. Marianne finds her crowd and Connell becomes the depressed and Garner lonly woman one. Rooney is almost comically talented at keeping the lovers in her novels frustrated and apart.

This novel proves her to be mortal in other ways. Some of the plotting feels heavy-handed and expedient.

Lena Dunham’s TV show ‘Camping’ stars Jennifer Garner. – The Forward

Her characters cry perhaps more often than you will cry over. This story can tip over into melodrama.

But, then, what is young love without that? Rooney herself, on the other hand, seems completely plugged in.

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