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Bimm looking for any female to have fun with

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Every once in a while an artist like Dua Lipa changes the face of pop music. Naturally, we had to ask our alumna about life on the road.

It was a real eye-opener of how important it is to stay grateful. Nobody takes their position for granted and that brings such an awesome energy. A lot of the obvious things like diet, warming up, stretching and making good use of my downtime really made a difference.

I explored altering my tone and vowels a lot in the Styles, Studio Recording and Solo Performance modules and that has been a useful skill. In fact, it was more of a prediction that she would join a world tour as an artist at some point.

BIMM is the largest and leading provider of music education in Europe. It's fun to dress up as a werewolf and g . Looking for stars? Try BIMM. Spotted a famous musician in Dublin recently? There's an impressive list of tutors working in the college: James Byrne (manager of Girl Band), Louise MacNamara (one half of. In celebration of International Women's Day, we've compiled a short list of some of BIMM Manchester's best up and coming female-fronted acts. BIMM's ITMI (Inside the Music Industry) podcast pulls back the curtain on today's music business. Hosted by acclaimed best-selling author and industry legend.

It never seems real until you actually get that. Ciara always displayed impressive and genuine work ethics which makes her not only a pleasure to work with but inspiring as.

She would be the one to come to class at 9 am, prepared and ready to perform after a late night gig. So, what comes next?

According to Ciara, the plan is to keep performing, writing and working hard as a solo artist, backing singer and with her own group Looking. Got it!