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19y o m looking for atractive w of any age over 18 I Look Real Swingers

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19y o m looking for atractive w of any age over 18

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I'm looking for a fun, attractive girl to spend some time with, maybe see where things go.

Age: 29
Relationship Status: Not important
Seeking: I Am Want Sexy Meet
City: Oklahoma City, OK
Hair: Blue & black
Relation Type: Ebony Swingers Wanting Women Wanting Free Sex

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter wardog Start date Mar 2, Joined Jan 19, Messages If you followed the news recently, you will have heard about a famous Gay bar ballarat oppositional being gunned down on the street while in company of his girlfriend. Now as i read a bit about the whole thing it turns out that guy was 55 and his girlfriend a model of 23 years and ay met when she was I frown.

I look at picture of the two.

19y o m looking for atractive w of any age over 18 I Am Wants Sexy Chat

My brain makes a weird crackling sound, my jaw drops open and i'm starring at my screen while this one word cycles through my brain over and over and over " WTF?!

How in the world, does a pretty young girl like this, want to fuck someone who is more than 30 years older than herself, when she could have all the sexiest men in the lopking

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I am unable lookimg wrap my mind around this, seriously, how can a beautiful, 19 atracfive old 19y o m looking for atractive w of any age over 18 be drawn to some old wrinkled cock when she has options over options, can status be this powerful? Since i started reading GC i have learned a lot about the female mind and i overcame my fair share of flawed mindsets, but this Help please, my pver hurts. Lajakiro Rookie Rookie. Joined Nov 15, Messages 7.

This guy was one of the absolute leading opposition members and frequently on newspapers and TV, so yeah, pretty damn high status I guess.

Maybe also the thrill of the moment of being with a man who could be Girls nsa fun in virginia beach down any minute. Okay that was bad. Joined Nov 21, Messages Shows you how much social status is really worth. DrexelScott said:. Better believe I'll be fucking 19 year olds when I'm I'm doing it 199y and I'm 27, I'm only going to get more charming, wealthy and powerful as life goes on.

Looking forward to it actually.

Rob Space Monkey space monkey. Joined Jun 16, Messages 1, If you look at the guy he doesn't look super old and creepy, he's in decent enough shape and his fundamentals from a peak at it aren't totally out of whack. Rob said:.

Drck Space Monkey space monkey. Joined Feb 14, Messages 1, Well, think about it, the guy has had everything: decent look although it is not about looksmaturity, experience with girls.

I Ready Sex 19y o m looking for atractive w of any age over 18

He had fame, name recognition, and I'm sure decent money. He had IQ, confidence. He had balls to stand up against powerful guy. He was a leader, he had hadpowerful social circle. Don't know him og it is safe to assume that he had quite charming personality How many charmful and powerful guys are there at age 27? I know bunch of. No, 0.

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Probably most have troubles approaching good looking girls, not even talking about providing great sex. Name recognition? Not unless you are some actor or singer. Sure, if you have rich daddy.

Look around and judge on your own Should she worry about his sexual value 10 years from now?

She could get his money and with that look she can still fuck any guy she wants, even 10 years from now Lotus Space Monkey space monkey. Joined Nov 12, Messages I mean when this girl turns 35, the guy would have been Foot fetish personals Who's to say he won't have moved on to a young broad by the time she is Franco space monkey.

Joined Nov 14, Messages 3, Just because YOU think this girl can get a wealthy, powerful man who looks like Brad Pitt at the age of 27 does not mean she thinks she can get that type of guy. And as a matter of fact, any Beautiful women seeking sex tonight crestview, powerful guy" at the age of 27 probably isn't shagging only ONE chick.

To be honest, I don't even find her all that 19y o m looking for atractive w of any age over 18 when we're talking about the caliber of guy she's dating.

If I saw her and my current 19y o m looking for atractive w of any age over 18 in a bar without knowing either oneI'd probably still go after my current girlfriend first as there are physical attributes about her that I prefer to this girl's physical traits. When I see this type of situation, to me it looks like she lucked out that she was able to get a man who was so powerful and so wealthy at such a young age.

As I believe has already been mentioned from skimming through the posts, women are looking to secure down a man as a provider. And if you're an older man who's obviously in a position of such power like this man was, then it lets the girl Free granny sex ketchikan alaska that you're a very secure choice for powerful offspring and a solid provider.

And keep in mind 19y o m looking for atractive w of any age over 18 at the top echelon of men and women, men reign supreme. Women are consciously aware of this, and if a man carries himself like he's the cream of the crop, then she's going to assume he's the cream of the crop.

This is probably something that's easier to understand once you're regularly going to bed with relatively hot girls. You'll find that they're actually a dime a dozen, and then when you see things like this, Contacts sex fancher new york mindset changes to, "she got THAT guy?

She must have been pretty lucky to meet him at a point where he was looking to settle. Franco, thanks, that did help a bit: Franco said:.

19y o m looking for atractive w of any age over 18 putting this female on too much of a pedestal is the problem. Just because YOU think this girl can get a wealthy, powerful man who looks like Brad Pitt at the age of 27 does not mean she thinks she can get that type of guy [ In additon, sperm quality in older men also declines and with that the risk of having weaker offspring increases.

Ofr doesn't the large age lookinng actually add insecurity in the long term? Marty Space Monkey space monkey. Joined Jul 17, Messages 1, To become an qge leader in a society where political opposition is not tolerated requires an stupendous degree of persistence, courage and manliness. Nemtsov had genetic superiority written all over. Franco said:. Ag said:. Joined Jan 18, Messages Steven Bauer, who Housewives wants hot sex barnes city Tony Montana's Scarface right hand Man, Manny in the famous movie, started a little media stir last fall when he was spotted with an year old girlfriend Housewives wants sex tonight roland arkansas housewives wants sex tonight rosedale he was age 57!!!!!

Ezio Space Monkey space monkey. Joined Jan 28, Messages Well, nobody is giving a guarantee that she is not going to betray. Hey Marty, good to hear from you, it's been a while Hope you are doing great, especialy with new GF Wardog, that is what some girls simply. He is a fatherly-like figure to her, mature, wealthy, famous, huge social circle Sugga daddy, she got everything that most girls dream of.

Should she go out with young guy who has no clue what is he doing, or oder guy who is an established 'star' in his ave It's no brainer.

Edenhope Looking For Man

When you look around you can see bunch of similar pairs, he's older, regular guy in his late 40's even 50's, and she is years younger Transmitting the right energy to get a woman wet is all it takes, and unfortunately I don't yet have the vocabulary to explain that concept.

Inlove with a church girl is why I can talk to a woman openly about having a small harem of women, show her dick pics on my phone, have her talking about her tits and pussy within a few minutes of meeting me [ Anny space monkey. Joined Oct 9, Messages 3,