How To Build A Billy Cart

Learning how to build a Billy Cart is easy with some know how, the traditional Billy Cart is a very simple design and requires few construction skills. This makes it a great project for do it yourselfers, hobbiest and first time handymen, all the way to tradesmen and engineers.

Before we get started lets familiarise ourselves with the different parts of a Billy Cart, and what we might need to build it.

How To Build A Billy Cart

This is an illustrated version of a traditional Billy Cart. Image with thanks to adzakael


The Different Parts Of A Billy Cart

Because Billy Carts are simply designed, this means there really are not that many parts involved in building one. (If you would like to know what parts to use and where to get them, follow this link.)

A long with parts you will also need some tools.


Tools Needed For Building A Billy Cart

The tools needed for building a Billy Cart will vary depending on what you build your cart from. For a traditional wooden Billy Cart, you will need some basic wood work tools.

Handsaw or Circular Saw Spanners/Adjustable Spanners
Drill Pencil
Drill Bit Ruler
Hammer Set Square


You might also need:

Spade Bit Paint Brushes
Ratchet Set Screwdrivers
Safety Glasses Ear Plugs


Fixings and other items you may need:

Glue (PVA) Nails
Screws Split Pins
Bolts Washers


With these tools you are well on your way to building a Billy Cart. To get started, click on the part of the cart you want to start with, we recommend the body/seat.


The Different Parts Of A Billy Cart


We hope the Billy Cart HQ ‘How To Build A Billy Cart Series’ serves you well in your Billy Carting endeavours, good luck down the hills!

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