How To Build A Billy Cart Section 3: Wheels

The Four Most Common Ways To Attach Billy Cart Wheels

Attaching the wheels is one of the trickier parts of building a Billy Cart. It is essentially trying to attach a round wheel onto a square cart. Although tricky, attaching Billy Cart wheels is simple when you know how.

There are four main ways people do this.


1. The Borrow Method

One is find a set of wheels already connected by an axle and ‘borrow the whole thing.

Billy Cart Wheels

This is an axle taken from an old pram, it is attached to the Billy Cart with plumbing saddles which just go around the axle and into the cart.


This is the easiest way to attach wheels in my opinion, although it does come with some strings attached. Borrowing an axle can mean that the axle decides how wide your Billy Cart ends up being. In this case, the design of the cart incorporated the width of the pram axle.


2. Build Your Own Axle

Another way to attach wheels is to make your own axle and then secure that to the cart.

There are quite a few parts involved here including

  1. Wheels (2 or 4)
  2. steel rod
  3. washers
  4. split pins (to hold the wheels on the axle)
  5. right angle brackets


Billy Cart Steering Axle

This is the underneath the ‘steering disc’ of the Billy Cart, exposing the axle and brackets

If you are doing it this way, start with the wheels you want to use. The wheels need holes in the centre so the steel rod can slide through, and the size of this hole will determine the diameter of the rod. You want it as tight as possible.

The second part is the rod, because the length of the rod will determine the size and placement of the wheels and brackets. The rod will need a hole drilled in it in either end which will hold the split pin and stop your wheels from falling off.

Slide the axle rod into the hole and then attach your split pin to hold it in place.

Billy Cart Wheel Zoomed In

Here you can see the split pin on the end of my axle and a washer so the split pin doesn’t bite into the wheel

On my Billy Cart (pictured), there are two bolts used to attach each angle bracket to the steering disc.

I used bolts because the bracket had two large holes in it, you can use screws if the bracket allows, although I do recommend bolts as they are stronger.

The nuts that I used are nylock lock nuts, which do not come undone, this was just a safety issue because I do not want the kids using the cart and have the bolt come off.

3. Bearings

The next way to attach wheels is to use bearings as wheels. This is a relatively easy was as people just use big nails and hammer them through the bearing and attach them wherever they want them on the cart.

4. Borrow An Object

Hand Truck Billy Cart Frame

The last way is to use an object that already has wheels on it. Something like a hand truck that delivery trucks use can be easily adapted and modified to be made into a Billy Cart.

This is the four most popular ways people attach Billy Cart Wheels. Each method works well in its own way and for different situations.


Thanks for reading, I hope you found what you were looking for.

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