How to Build a Billy Cart Section 2: Steering

Billy Cart Steering is often overlooked as an important part of building a cart. Steering does have to be reliable and allow the pilot to be able to drive the cart in a straight line. Here are the most popular methods of steering a Billy Cart.


Rope Method

The easiest and most traditional way of attaching steering to a cart is to use rope. Simply measure the same distances and drill the holes big enough for the rope to pass through the steering disc (closer the the wheel ends the better). Then all you need to do is pass the rope through, leave enough for the pilot to grab onto and then tie it up.

That’s all that is required for rope steering, and for many Billy Carts it is good enough.

Traditional Billy Cart

Traditional steering with a rope tied around the steering disc


However there are some deficiencies when it comes to the rope steering method. The problem is that the tighter the Billy Cart has to turn, the closer the wheels get to the centre of the cart which makes it likely to fall over. If this was at high speed a crash would be highly likely, even for Mark Webber.

To prevent this you can add a piece of timber near the steering disc that stops the cart from turning any further.

This stopper block however does not stop the issue with rope steering on faster Bilyl Carts. Rope is not good enough for faster Billy Carts because it can make the cart unstable, get speed wobbles and may crash.

With this being said there are other Billy Cart Steering methods.


Rope Adjusted Steering Arm

The next level of steering still uses a rope, but the rope is attached to a steering arm that has a steering wheel on it. So instead of the pilot hanging onto a rope, they are holding onto a steering wheel.

The extra levels of complication are:

  1. The steering arm must be fixed to the Billy Cart in two places to keep it stable.(typically near the steering wheel and at the front of the cart)
  2. The pilot must be able to turn the steering wheel without interference.
  3. The rope must be tight and with no slack, otherwise the steering wheel will need to take up that slack before it turns.

The steering arm still has the same issues with stability at speed that the rope method does, so this method isn’t very popular. Although if done right, the steering arm method will look much more sophisticated than a simple rope setup.

Billy Cart Steering

Even with the steering column, the rope will still be tied to the steering disc the same way


Tie Rod And Pit Arm Assembly

The other main Billy Cart steering method is a big step up in complexity. It is to set up a tie rod and pit arm assembly.

This method is used for Billy Cart enthusiasts who are looking to win. The material usually used for this is metal as it is strong and can joints can easily be held together by welding parts together. It is the same steering mechanism used on Go Karts.

As it is not found on wooden Billy Carts I offer these links to people who wish to find out more about the tie rod and pit arm assembly steering method.


If you would like more information on Tie Rod and Pit arm assemblies please watch


or visit



I hope this answers your questions and helps your Billy Cart Steering


Thanks for reading

The next How To Build A Billy Cart Section is about wheels.

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