How To Build A Billy Cart Section 1: Body/Seat

Learning How to Build a Billy Cart is a great construction project for DIY’ers where adults and kids can get stuck in and enjoy the experience.

If your new to Billy Carts or Construction, then the first place to start is with the body/seat. This is the part that the wheels and steering joins to.

The job of the body is to:

  1. Be the place to attach the steering and wheels
  2. Have an area for the pilot to sit on it

The best thing about a Billy Cart is that they can get made out of anything that is lying around. Old Kayaks, a hand truck, an old pram, or even on old bath! And depending on how creative you are, you can use any of these materials to build your Billy Cart. Typically though the local hardware store and left over building materials is where people usually start.

The more mainstream ways of how to build a Billy Cart start with different types of timber products.



If you can’t find any lying around at home, you can buy some 1200x400mm (1.2 metres by 40 centremetres) plywood which is a perfect size to make a traditional Billy Cart from local hardware stores for around $10. The recommended thickness is 18mm, and it is ok to join pieces on top of each other if you need extra strength. Plywood is the recommended for its strength, it can also cope with weather, and is a sustainable product.

Billy Cart Seat

Plywood is distinguishable by its yellow pine surface and the layered edge


Pine Stud

It is common to have some pine stud lying under the house from a previous renovation, and it too can be used to make Billy Carts.

What is a Billy Cart

This cart is made out of pine stud because there was plenty left over from a minor renovation.


Billy Cart Sizes

Below is an aproximate size, 400x400mm (16×16 inches) is a good size so the pilot can sit on it, of course every Billy Cart is different but it is a good place to start.

 how to build a billy cart


Building The Billy Cart

If you are making the cart out of plywood then The first thing to do is to cut the shape of the cart out. Mark out on the plywood with the pencil and ruler and then cut it out. These plans are designed for one child so if you need a larger seat you will want to create a larger seating area.

If you are worried about the cart not being strong enough you can easily brace the bottom of the body with timber, as long as there is still enough ground clearance. This is better to do once you know what wheels you will use on the cart.

With pine stud, depending on how much you have, start by cutting a piece the length of the intended Billy Cart. Then cut some pieces for the seat. Using pine it is also easy to make a handle so the cart can be pushed around like a shopping trolley.

How to build a billy cart handle

The handle allows the cart can be pushed around by a child or adult quite easily


The Steering Disc

The next stage to the Billy Cart is to add the front steering disc. The steering disc is the front peice of timber that has the front wheels attached to it and allows the Billy Cart to steer.

If you are using plywood, this is a piece  that is approximately 100mm x 400mm.

If you want to do this in pine stud, it would be approximately 400mm long also.

To attach the steering disc sit the pilot down on the seat as if they were riding on the cart. Then get the pilot to bend their knees to a comfortable level. When riding on the cart, the pilot will place their feet on the steering disc to help steer, so place the steering disc under the pilots feet to where they feel comfortable and mark the steering disc.

This way when riding the Billy Cart the pilots legs are bent. The pilot can easily keep their feet on the steering disc which helps keep the cart steady as it goes down the hill.


To Attach The Steering Disc

You need to drill a hole in the billy cart and the steering disc. Big enough to put the bolt through In the middle of the two marked areas.

The hole gets drilled in the middle of the steering disc, and in the middle of the marked area. This is so the wheels are equal distance from the centre of the Billy cart and it doesn’t turn unevenly.


I hope this answered any questions you had on Billy Cart Bodies/Seats.

If it didn’t please use the contact form to let me know what I can add.


Thanks for reading.


The next stage for those wanting to know ‘how to build a Billy Cart’ is the steering

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