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Where Can You Find Billy Cart Wheels And Other Parts?

The modern Billy Cart has its origins in the sixties and seventies, when kids would go outside and make their own fun. Using materials that were lying around they would make carts and race them down the local hills. Today Billy Carts are made much the same way, with cheap and readily available materials. This is good news for Billy Cart engineers, being able to indulge their curiosity and try new things, and what they can get their hands on.

Building a Billy Cart with these cheap and scrap materials is fun and makes every cart unique, rather than looking clean cut and store bought. This individuality results in more fun building a Billy Cart, by having to think ‘outside the square’ and will make you a better builder at the end of the day. It also keeps your project in the spirit of the Billy Carting, where the cart is judged on character and effort rather than price tag.

An individualised green Billy Cart
An individualised green Billy Cart

So how do you get started finding materials to build a Billy Cart from? You might be asking  yourself,  what do people use for Billy Cart wheels and other materials, and where can you find them? If you are, keep reading…



Billy Cart wheels are an important part of the cart and good ones can be found in many different places.  Traditionally Billy cart wheels are borrowed from mowers, prams, wheel barrows, and even old bearings.

If your after cheap wheels, mower shops do throw out mowers quite often, so you can go to the mower repair store and pull the wheels off before they recycle the metal. Pram wheels can be found on nature strips around hard rubbish time.

For those who want to go a little faster, bicycle wheels are common. If you don’t have any bicycle wheels to spare check the local classifieds, there are always people selling old bikes that aren’t being used any more.

Charity stores are also a good source for wheels, whether they are from prams, bicycles or even trolleys. And if you are really hard up, any decent hardware store will have some wheels on sale.


Body Material

The choice of material for the body of a Billy cart is timber. It is cheap and common. Although you could make a Billy cart from steel tubing, or even PVC plumbing pipe if you pick strong enough pipe.

Building sites can have timber lying around, or your neighbours who just finished a renovation might have something lying around. Otherwise, on nature strips or under your house there can be bits and pieces.

The seat can be made of timber and just be a piece of timber with no sides if you are in a rush, or if your lucky to come across a molded plastic seat, 4 screws will hold a relatively comfortable seat on your cart.

An old seat can usually be found around hard rubbish time on front yards, or if you want a plastic molded chair you can find them also.



Rope is the standard steering implement, and a rope that is strong is important to at least ease concerns of any family members who may be spectating. Rope can be found at hardware stores if there isn’t any around the house. Steering wheels for any serious carting engineers can be picked up cheap from a local wrecking yard or pick-a-part.



If you want to put some rubber on your brake, to give it a bit more grip against the tyre, then you can find some on a pair of old shoes or a tube out of a tyre.



If you want to paint and decorate your cart then a standard outdoor acrylic house paint will do just fine. If there isn’t any spare in your shed (or families shed’s), these can be found (if you are not too fussy about the colour) from paint shops as they will generally keep their cans that they miss-tint.

Billy Cart Wheels Hard Rubbish
Hard rubbish days are a great place to collect many materials for Billy Carts


Other Sources Of Material

Charity shops and 2 dollar shops (thrift stores) can be used to find rope and other things like wheels and plastic molded seats. Hard rubbish is also a gold mine for Billy Cart enthusiasts who are looking to get a job done.


I hope this helps your Billy cart engineering effort. If you know of any other places to find cheap building materials, please contact us here.

Thanks for reading and good luck on the hills.

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