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Here at Billy Cart HQ, we advocate the practice of sharing and participating in projects with your loved ones. Build a Billy Cart, race, and treasure these moments forever! You can learn about design, grab some plans, get ideas for materials or just connect with your local derby so you can go racing, and all for free! For more information, use the menu on the left.

Billy Cart

While the advent of the Internet has ushered in new isolating behaviors like texting and participating in social media, there’s still nothing that can bring families better than a fun day outdoors. Too many families spend their days together getting lost in front of a computer or ignoring each other for video games. There is a real need for face to face social interactions. Instead of picking up a remote, how about next time you create fun, loving memories and participate in Billy Cart races? Billy Carting is the favourite past time of many, a cheap hands-on hobby for some, and a passion for others. Whichever camp you reside in, people think of Billy Carts fondly and with fun memories.

Many children and adults can find common ground and feel the same exhilaration when they slide into their own personally crafted Billy Carts. You can teach your children how to work towards a goal, and how it feels to be able to enjoy something that they helped to craft for themselves. You’re sure to create a ton of pleasant memories – after all, laughter is the best way for parents and their children to bond!

Billy Cart Race

Outdoor recreational activities also provide great health benefits for families; it’s not only good for the body, but also sharpens the mind (young or old)! You can reduce stress and tension while simultaneously increasing your child’s confidence, creativity and feeling of self-worth. Joining together to participate in Billy Carting is a great way to bond families together and share an activity.  Moreover, having a Billy Cart can increase the way you bond with neighboring communities as well and can be a real cost-effective way to spend time together (when compared to other expensive family activities).

So this year, why not get started? Reap the benefits of creating memorable and cherished memories of spending quality time together by building a Billy Cart!

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